Real Army Construction VS NATO Standards

Why is there an urgent need to build a real Armed Force and build a strong defense capability without looking back at NATO standards?

Because we receive daily signals about the Kremlin’s intention to uproot Ukrainian from our territory, to destroy Ukraine as a State.

On December 19, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all the Black Sea region and the Eastern part of Ukraine are Russian territories and now Russia is “dealing with it”. If we add to this the opinion that “Ukrainians were “come up with” by count Pototskyi”, in fact, the territorial claims are to the whole of Ukraine. I want to remind you that 11 years ago, during the Bucharest summit, the Kremlin’s host called Crimea the Russian territory and expressed territorial claims (“the South of Ukraine is completely Russian – there are only Russians there … Crimea is simply received by Ukraine by the decision of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee. Who can tell us that we have no interests there?”). Where is Crimea now?!

This New Year’s gift from the main Anti-Ukrainian sentiment person was preceded by the corresponding “developments”.

On the one hand, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, recently suggested resuming contacts with NATO. By the way, Putin also developed this topic, noting that Russia is interested in developing the relations with the United States and is ready to work with Washington regardless of who is in the White House or controls the Congress. It looks like an “outstretched hand of friendship” to the exhausted West – with the idea of peace. Of course, with the condition to forget about the captured Crimea and the destroyed Donbass.

On the other hand, not only the population of Russia, but also the whole world is trying to impose the idea of the possibility of Ukraine absorbing, or at least Kyiv control.

An interesting trend of the end of 2019: everyone who is ready to defend Ukrainian with and without weapons; everyone who is ready to defend their home, their land, is openly called punishers and Nazis in Russia. Why is so? Quite a simple explanation: the Russian establishment is well aware that the only real force (and therefore a threat) is the growth of national dignity of Ukrainians and people’s readiness for armed struggle.

That is why the “Generals of television quarries” (Solovyovs, Scabeyevs and Popovs) have launched a powerful multi-level information war, the key points of which are: “There is a civil war in Ukraine”; “Ukrainian war veterans are Nazis and a danger to society, potential or real criminals”; “a single formula of Ukrainian statehood “survival” is Union with Russia”.

What does the Ukrainian Government do? Continues, following the tradition of Petro Poroshenko, to lose motivated people for the Army. Still has no idea what the new Ukrainian Army should become. Does not create motivations, does not develop new contracts at least for the core of the AFU. Instead of rearmament, it slowed down by almost UAH 9 billion of unspent funds of the State Defense Order. In the dry remains only talks about the Alliance standards. By the way, about the weakened, exhausted and unwilling to implement realistic support for Ukraine Alliance (at least in the form of consolidated military and technical assistance).

Meanwhile, the SSU is already signaling that the terrorist structures created by Russia “LNR” and ” DNR ” are recruiting Ukrainian youth through social networks. This is just one of the signs that the struggle for consciousness is gaining momentum.

Conclusion is sole: act immediately! NATO standards are needed, but they cannot be the top priority for building a Defense capability. It is necessary to fight for the motivation of the future Army’s fighters, because the vacuum of action will be filled. As well as for the development of domestic weapons – the West will definitely choose the first between reconciliation with Moscow or Ukraine armament!