Advantage Factor

Thus, the Ukrainian army has gained experience in combat operations. But under the yoke of propaganda tasks, this experience became "abandoned" and the army became "the strongest in Europe". And then there's nowhere else to go. Because the strongest. However, lessons on errors are not fully implemented.

In most areas, resuscitation of Soviet approaches to the combat use of forces and means took place. Quantity versus quantity. And we need something else: quality, flexibility and adaptability in those segments where we are inferior to the enemy in strength. What is urgently needed now is not so much the mass of weapons, even the most modern, as fresh proposals and ideas about how to use them and the nature of troops actions in wars.

Despite the increase in spending on the security and defense sector, the Ministry of Defence 2019 budget of about $3 billion is insufficient for large-scale re-equipment of all branches and types of troops. For comparison, Poland, which has half the size of the army (123 thousand), will spend Euro10 billion on its development in 2019. With such restrictions, it is particularly important for Ukraine to choose priorities and projects that, in comparison with others, can give the maximum impact to improve the combat capability of units, parts and the Armed forces as a whole.

Urgent priorities for re-equipping the Ukrainian army are: military, not civilian communication systems, intelligence tools, automation of combat control processes in an optimal and rational form, and solutions to electronic warfare problems. This is the first. The second is the saturation of troops with means and systems that can inflict fire damage to the enemy. There are new ammunition, new missile systems, and again, intelligence and weapons management systems. Because the winner is the one who has more accurate data, translates it into information, processes it faster, makes a quick decision and strikes at the most vulnerable place of the enemy. Armed clashes become, in fact, a confrontation between points and centers of combat control and command systems in General. That is why the widespread introduction of information technology at all levels of command and control of troops and weapons is something that the leading countries have spent significant financial resources on. This is our way of increasing the effectiveness of the army, with the correct assessment of its forces and capabilities – financial, organizational and mental. We must solve this problem. Then all of our new weapons and systems that we can and should be proud of will become much stronger in strength and capabilities.