Valentyn Badrak

Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies(CACDS), Ukrainian writer and security expert.
Author of several books on the psychology of success in various fields of human activity, more than 100 publications and studies on state security and defense aspects.

Oleksiy Gridin

Chairman of the Volunteer`s Council of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which brought together representatives of more than 35 civic and volunteer organizations in its ranks. Under the leadership and with his direct involvement, a number of projects focused on the development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were implemented in 2016 by the Volunteer`s Council.

Serhiy Zgurets

Defense Express Media & Consulting Company, Director. Author of a series of popular books on Ukrainian weapons and military equipment.
Throughout his 20 years of expertise has been involved in a number of research and public events that have contributed to strong government security decisions.