Ukraine has entered the zone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Instead of lagging behind in building up our defense potential, we should immediately make a hyper-jump.” Academician Volodymyr Gorbulin said during "Technologies of asymmetric counteraction to external aggression and ways of their effective development" round table of USSI in Ukrinform on August 12, 2020.

The chairman of the USSI Supervisory Board opened the round table discussion speaking on Ukrainian technologies  and the extraordinary changes in the way modern wars are waged in the world.

“In particular, the role of paramilitary structures, which are artificially created and secretly supported by many countries, has dramatically increased.”

“Secondly, the role of information impacts and cyberattacks has increased enormously. Also, global changes have occurred in  new defense technologies sphere. I mean, what previously could only be afforded by superpowers is now massively used by regional countries. And sometimes by those paramilitary structures. In addition, due to the rapid development of technology, many armies have achieved a high level of automation and robotization, which allows  waging a war in a single information field from commander to soldier and  increasing the range of autonomous action of subunits. All this led to the erosion of the front line and flanks, which previously determined the tactics and strategy during military campaigns.

Let me remind you of the night attack on the oil facilities of Saudi Aramco in eastern Saudi Arabia in September 2019 by ten killer drones. It was not carried out by the state, but by a paramilitary group. But the attack halved the country’s daily oil production. An even more significant result was achieved by a massive attack of Turkish strike drones in Syria in February 2020.

Another example – Elon Musk`s private company took the space transportation market from the great power of Russia. This is why Musk himself insists that after a while drones will defeat the most modern aircraft. “, – academician Gorbulin said.

“What is NATO focusing on today? On the introduction of artificial intelligence, strengthening autonomous control and hypersonic systems. This was recently announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. But what conclusions can be found in a “Science & Technology Trends 2020-2040 “, special report of the Alliance, result of some 6000 scientists, engineers and analysts collaborative work.  Emphasis should be placed on such areas as artificial intelligence, global automation and high-performance computer systems that increase the functionality of various technologies”

“You may ask: what landmarks Russia has taken for itself. They are known and were made public in Putin’s article in Rossiyskaya Gazeta back in 2012. After the nuclear forces and aerospace defense, the head of the Kremlin named the communication, intelligence and command systems, electronic warfare,”drones” and robotic strike systems, as well as modern transport aviation, personal protection systems for a soldier on the battlefield, precision weapons and means of combating it, “- the academician underlined.

Later the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the USSI returned to the situation in Ukraine:

“Where is the place of new technologies in our defense system?

First, we all understand that incomparable military potentials will not allow Ukraine to achieve victory in direct confrontation, in the field. On the other hand there is an unprecedented increase in the aggressiveness of Putin’s Russia this year – for the first time since Ilovaisk and Debaltseve. Russia not only has not abandoned its intention to reshape Ukraine in its own way, but is carefully honing all available levers. Among them, the military occupies a decisive place. At this stage, Russia is deliberately waging a low-tech war against us, since it allows to refuse to be a party to the conflict. But it may not always be so, and we must be prepared for this. And to prepare not a linear, direct response, but an asymmetric one. ”

“Given the hybrid nature of threats to Ukraine, when creating an asymmetric potential to counter the aggressor, it would be quite logical to combine a number of components. In particular,- non-force levers and power capabilities. We refer to non-force levers the development of counterintelligence, intelligence agencies and special information structures that can prevent deployed Moscow information terror, conducting information and psychological operations with cyberattacks, social networks and the media use.

We refer to power capabilities as territorial defense in the form of a formalized and legally enshrined system, professional high-tech Armed Forces with developed elements of asymmetric counteraction. These elements include the implemented missile programs that will allow to hit strategic enemy targets at a distance (first 300-500 km, and in the future – up to 1500 km).

The Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces have an asymmetric potential too. And this includes disabling of strategic objects on hostile territory or the defeat of enemy combat units in the fields of deployment. “- continued Volodymyr Gorbulin.

Besides, the achievements of the defense industry, with the state’s attention to them, can allow to make a very rapid technological leap in sensitive segments. First, it is automation, which will increase defense capabilities up to 30% with decision-making acceleration. Secondly, the implementation of mosquito strategies: the mass use of strike drones in the air and the operation of a significant number of missile boats and robotic shock equipment, both surface and underwater, at sea; on the ground – units of robotic shock systems. This is a weapon that is relatively cheap, has a short production cycle, and most importantly – can be used today.

In addition, asymmetric technologies may include the latest disabling or suppressing enemy equipment developments. As well as technologies for detecting, processing data and targeting high-precision weaponst. Also in Ukraine weapons are being developed on new physical principles, such as electromagnetic. ”

«Prerequisites for the creation of high-tech Armed Forces in Ukraine do exist. That is why we pin great hopes on the defense-industrial reform, which is now beginning with the creation of the Ministry of Strategic Industries and the appointment of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine.»

Volodymyr Horbulin also noted that the most important goal of this reform is to strengthen the capacity to build national defense through active, systematic rearmament and effective introduction of new technologies in the field of defense. “We have all entered the zone of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And instead of lagging behind in terms of building defense capabilities, we should immediately make a hyper leap. Especially since hostile Russia is now showing technological exhaustion, and the Kremlin’s mega-projects have begun to burst like soap bubbles. Armata tank, Su-57 super-fighter of the 5th generation, new long-range aircraft, new military transporter IL-112B, “Superjet-100” passenger aircraft, “Angara-A5” launch vehicle – all those are great failures of modern Russia.

«So, we have every reason to pay special attention to breakthrough technologies and create a real asymmetric potential to deter those who encroach on our independence, “- Academician Gorbulin said in conclusion.