Key challenges for Ukraine in the field of security and expert vision of their solution

On June 11, in the premises of the UKRINFORM News Agency a press conference and presentation of the Ukrainian Institute of Security Research was held on the topic: "Key Challenges for Ukraine in the Field of Security and an Expert Vision of their Solution".

Opening the press conference, Volodymyr Gorbulin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Security Studies, first Vice-President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, academician, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (1995-1999), noted the priority and urgency for the new Government to develop scientific and public institutions to find the only right solutions for the State, which is in a state of hybrid war . In this context, the newly created Institute intends to take the place of one of the leading expert and analytical centers. USSI plans to attract both Ukrainian and international experts. “It should be noted that in fact, Ukraine is the only country in the European Union where fighting is taking place, so it can’t help but involve the international political community in the search for a solution to this problem,” Volodymyr Gorbulin said.

The Ukrainian Security Studies Institute (USSI) was established as a non-governmental non-profit analytical organization that will bring together a number of specialized analytical centers and public organizations, as well as authoritative experts in the field of security and defense, in order to promote the development of security structures in Ukraine and provide them with alternative analytical developments, assessments and views on solutions preparation – the State’s responses to current challenges, as well as planning in this area.

Valentyn Badrak, one of the founders and Board member of the Ukrainian Security Studies Institute, Director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Research (CACDR), focused on combining of joint actions and creating synergy between the public and scientists to solve the problems in Defense sector. “The Institute expects to become an advanced analytical center in the near future and establish a broad and effective communication between the Government and the public, ” he said.

“The consolidated position of representatives of volunteer practitioners and scientists in the development of state policy in the defense sector, the combination of practical and scientific experience will contribute to the development of “applied” expertise and further implementation of developments. Over the past 5 years of war, the experience of communication between volunteers and representatives of the power sector has demonstrated that Ukraine needs to create a powerful and independent expert center that will provide professional expertise and analytical conclusions that can be relied on by the leadership of both the Armed Forces and the state as a whole,” said Oleksiy Gridin, member of the Board and founder of USSI, Head of the Center for Public Management and Administration “KUB”.

Sergiy Zgurets, founder and Board Member of the Ukrainian Security Studies Institute, Director of the Information and Consulting Company “Defense Express”, outlined the key areas of the Institute in his speech. He noted: “in the conditions of forming a new reality, which will consist of robotics, artificial intelligence, automatic processing of large amounts of data and biotechnologies, the Institute should create a command of the future of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We need to look further in building the security framework, taking into account national priorities and international trends.” Partners of the Institute can be domestic and foreign institutions, international security structures and organizations.