The Charter

By the Decision of the Constituent Assembly of the Founders of Public Union
“Ukrainian Security Studies Institute”
Protocol No. 1 dated May 20, 2019.



1.1. The public Union “Ukrainian Security Studies Institute” (hereinafter – the Institute) is a public organization created as a result of a voluntary association of specialists in the field of civil-military relations and the military-industrial complex of Ukraine to meet and protect their common interests, based on promoting the development of the security sector of Ukraine, strengthening the defense potential of Ukraine, transparency of the activities of state power structures, studying the positive experience of foreign countries and does not provide for profit from their activities.

1.2. Name of the Institute:
full – Громадська спілка «Український інститут безпекових досліджень»
abbreviated – ГС «УІБД»

1.3. Name of the Institute in English:
full – ” Ukrainian Security Studies Institute»
abbreviated – PU “USSI»

1.4. The Institute is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine, the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”, the Law of Ukraine “On State Registration of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Formations”, other current legislation of Ukraine and this Charter. The legal basis of the Institute’s activities is also the regulatory documents and General decisions adopted by the Institute within their statutory powers and binding on all members.

1.5. The Institute is a non-entrepreneurial society whose main goal is not to make a profit. The Institute is free to choose its activities and operates on the principles of voluntariness, self-government, free choice of the territory of activity, equality before the law, lack of property interest of its members, transparency, openness and publicity.

1.6. Location of the Institute: 1A, Sportyvna sq., Kyiv, 01601

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